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Mountaineering Adventure Skills Program

This is a foundational program designed to establish and improve both recreational mountaineering skills but also to develop a professional risk framework for those wishing to pursue next steps in the mountaineering industry. This course is broken up into three modules and will take place at several sites in Banff National Park, Kananaskis Provincial Park and possibly Jasper National Park. There is no prior experience necessary.


Timberline Canadian Alpine Academy strives to deliver high quality learning experiences in outdoor settings. All of our instructors are highly certified and experienced in their respective disciplines. The goal of our program is mitigate risk of bodily injury as much as possible but the nature of learning in these environments means that risk can never be fully eliminated. Participation in any program at Timberline Canadian Alpine Academy comes with inherent risks and injuries can happen. Therefore, every student or participant should attend programming knowing that reality that accidents can occur.

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2024 Session

From June 5th, 2024 until June 28th, 2024

The Program


  • MODULE 1

    Hiking & Navigation

    This module seeks to establish professional practices for preparing route plans, interpreting weather data and identifying known hazards prior to commencing a hike. While on the hikes you will be taught by ACMG guides on how to best manage clientele and help you develop your own mountain sense for hazards.

    MODULE 2

    Rock Climbing

    This is a foundational rock climbing program designed to establish best practices for outdoor rock climbing while also working on individual skill progression. This course also emphasizes hazard identification/management, gear care and client care. There can be some minimal training towards Traditional climbing for individual students but this is up to the guide’s discretion and is not a goal of this course.

    MODULE 3

    Mountaineering Expedition

    This five day expedition will be based on the Wapta Glacier north of Lake Louise. The goal of this expedition is to give students the opportunity to experience a glacier based expedition. Students will learn how to manage camp in this type of environment, glacier travel, crevasse rescue, short-roping and ascend some spectacular peaks in the area.



$6,450CAD + 5%GST

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About Timberline Academy

Timberline Academy is locally owned and operated so our students can expect a positive, team-based atmosphere with a high level of on the ground support from the ownership team. We make the extra effort to engage our students in the community through weekly group activities, like Hockey, family dinners and by participating in local volunteering initiatives. Additionally, we help students secure part-time jobs while taking part in the program if they wish.

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